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Local Economic Assessments (LEA) have been produced by upper tier local authorities since the introduction of the Local Democracy, Economy Development and Construction Act in 2009 and this document is Derbyshire’s fifth edition.

The Local Economic Assessment 2018 provides a picture of how the county's economy is currently performing against core economic indicators, along with how things have changed since the last LEA in 2014. The document analyses the latest available data to highlight key trends and identify the current issues facing the local economy. The evidence base will also inform the development of a Strategic Planning Framework for the county and an Employment and Skills Strategy. All documents are complementary, providing a comprehensive strategic evidence base for influencing local growth and attracting local investment into the area.

Local Economic Assessment

Previous editions:


  • Derbyshire Local Economic Assessment (LEA) 2014.(pdf)
  • Quarterly Economic Review

    The Derbyshire Economic Review aims to give a brief snapshot of the latest statistics and news on the Derbyshire economy both in a national and local context. The review is published on a quarterly basis.

    Current edition of the Quarterly Economic Review:

  • June 2018 - the ‘in-focus’ section explores elements of some of the supply chains in the transport equipment manufacturing (TEM) and visitor economy sectors and key key issues they experience. (pdf)
  • Previous editions:


    March 2018 - the 'In Focus' section looks at the key points emerging from analysis being undertaken by the Policy and Research Team on the latest economic information about the county to update the Derbyshire Local Economic Assessment (LEA) 2014. (pdf)


  • December 2017 - the 'In Focus' section looks at the visitor economy in Derbyshire (pdf)
  • September 2017 - the 'In Focus' section discusses the Government's ongoing reform of apprenticeships and provides some local context for Derbyshire (pdf)
  • June 2017 - the 'In Focus' section highlights some of the business support available to Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in Derbyshire (pdf)
  • March 2017 - the 'In Focus' section highlights some of the key trends and policies linked to the national housing market and sets out the Derbyshire perspective (pdf)
  • 2016

  • December 2016 - the 'In Focus' section discusses the latest skills data for Derbyshire in the context of policy initiatives to improve skills locally (pdf)
  • September 2016 - the 'In Focus' section looks Derbyshire's Customer Segmentation Model that has been developed by Derbyshire County Council, and how it can help to make service delivery more effective (pdf)
  • June 2016 - the 'In Focus' section identifies the contribution being made by manufacturing in Derbyshire to the UK and local economies (pdf)
  • March 2016 - the 'In Focus' section outlines Universal Credit, a new benefit currently being rolled out across the UK, designed to support people on low income or out of work (pdf)

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