At the 2011 Census there were 332,637 households in Derbyshire Census figures show that 4.6% of Derbyshire's population aged 16 and over travel to work by public transport 4.2% of Derbyshire's total population is of black or minority ethnic background At the time of the 2011 Census 78.9% of Derbyshire's population say that they are in good health

The profiles are collections of commonly used census statistics, all relating to an individual geographic area. There are several themed profiles (five for 2001, seven for 2011) each dealing with a particular topic. There is also an overall summary profile containing a selection of figures from each theme. Profiles have been produced for a range of geographic areas, ranging from the whole county down to individual wards and electoral divisions. The statistics are presented as tables and charts in a downloadable pdf file. Along with the results for the chosen area, comparative figures for the county as a whole and for England are also provided.