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Monthly Unemployment Statistics – September 2018

Unemployment figures are published each month by the Office for National Statistics. A selection of the latest figures as they relate to Derbyshire is presented on the Derbyshire Observatory. In September 2018 there were 8090 people aged 16+ included on the Claimant Count. The Claimant Count unemployment rate across Derbyshire is currently 1.7%, higher than … Continue reading “Monthly Unemployment Statistics – September 2018”


Derbyshire Local Economic Assessment 2018

Assessments of how the local economy is performing have been produced by upper tier local authorities since the introduction of the Local Democracy, Economy Development and Construction Act in 2009. The purpose of the 2018 Derbyshire Local Economic Assessment (LEA) is to provide a picture of how the county’s economy is currently performing against core … Continue reading “Derbyshire Local Economic Assessment 2018”


Children and Young People with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities in Derbyshire – 2017

This report brings together a range of data and information about the number of children and young people in Derbyshire with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), their needs and how they are being supported to achieve their potential. SEND Needs Assessment 2017

Quick Facts

Population: 791,966 (ONS 2017)

Area: 255,100 Hectares

Dwellings: 358,550 (HCLG 2017)

House Price: £162,000 (HCLG, Jun 2017)

Local Businesses: 29,500 (IDBR 2017)

Employee Jobs: 290,900 (BRES 2016)

Weekly Earnings: £530 (ASHE 2017)

Unemployment: 1.6% (ONS, July 2018)

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