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Monthly Unemployment Statistics – January 2019

Unemployment figures are published each month by the Office for National Statistics. A selection of the latest figures as they relate to Derbyshire is presented on the Derbyshire Observatory. In January 2019 there were 8970 people aged 16+ included on the Claimant Count. The Claimant Count unemployment rate across Derbyshire is currently 1.8%, higher than … Continue reading “Monthly Unemployment Statistics – January 2019”


Quarterly Economic Review – December 2018

This document gives a brief overview of the latest statistics and news on the Derbyshire economy, both in a national and local context. Each quarterly update also provides information on an ‘in focus’ topic, in this edition ‘HS2 in Derbyshire’. Quarterly Economic Review – December 2018


DPH Annual Report 2018

The 2018 Directors of Public Health report is now available. Director’s of Public Health have a statutory requirement to write an annual independent report on the health of their population. The report is to raise awareness and understanding of local health issues, highlight areas of specific concern and make recommendations for change.


Annual Population Survey data

The latest data from the Annual Population Survey covering Economic Activity, Employment Rate, Self Employment, and Occupation is available to view under the Labour Market heading in the Economy and Employment section.


Derbyshire Citizens’ Panel Results – May 2018 – Infographic

The Derbyshire Citizens’ Panel Results – May 2018 gives a breakdown of the responses from Panel members to questions covering: Health and Social Care, Crime and Community Safety, Roads and Traffic Management, Waste Management, Libraries and Heritage.


Manufacturing 2017 – Infographic

The latest infographic on Manufacturing in Derbyshire shows the sector employs 55,000 people. Over the last year the number of manufacturing jobs in the county has increased. Metals and metal products and food and drink are the largest sectors.


Population Estimates – revised

The population estimates for England and Wales: mid-2012 to mid-2016 (as at 30 June), have been revised and have been updated on the Derbyshire Observatory.


Area Profiles

The Area Summary Profiles and Derbyshire Quilt have been published. The Area Profiles provide an overview of an area using key indicators covering themes such as People and place, Health and well-being, Housing, and Community Safety. The profiles have been updated with the latest available datasets and are available for all Electoral Divisions as well … Continue reading “Area Profiles”


Household Estimates and Projections

View the latest Household Estimates and Projections. The Household Estimates cover the period 2001-2015, and the Household Projections cover the period 2016-2041


Derbyshire Local Economic Assessment 2018

Assessments of how the local economy is performing have been produced by upper tier local authorities since the introduction of the Local Democracy, Economy Development and Construction Act in 2009. The purpose of the 2018 Derbyshire Local Economic Assessment (LEA) is to provide a picture of how the county’s economy is currently performing against core … Continue reading “Derbyshire Local Economic Assessment 2018”

Quick Facts

Population: 791,966 (ONS 2017)

Area: 255,100 Hectares

Dwellings: 358,550 (HCLG 2017)

House Price: £162,000 (HCLG, Jun 2017)

Local Businesses: 29,500 (IDBR 2017)

Employee Jobs: 290,900 (BRES 2016)

Weekly Earnings: £530 (ASHE 2017)

Unemployment: 1.9% (ONS, Jan 2019)

Area Profiles
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