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Monthly Unemployment Statistics – August 2023

Unemployment figures are published each month by the Office for National Statistics. A selection of the latest figures as they relate to Derbyshire is presented on the Derbyshire Observatory. In August 2023 there were 13,060 people aged 16+ included on the Claimant Count. The Claimant Count unemployment rate across Derbyshire is higher than August 2022 … Continue reading “Monthly Unemployment Statistics – August 2023”


Director of Public Health Annual Report 2023

Directors of Public Health have a statutory requirement to write an annual independent report on the health of their population. This years focus is on mental health and wellbeing, building on the Let’s Chat campaign. The report recognises that, for many people, mental health is a key area of concern and we have included a … Continue reading “Director of Public Health Annual Report 2023”


Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment 2022 – 2025

The 2022-2025 Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) has been produced for both Derby City Council and Derbyshire County Council Health & Wellbeing Boards. The PNA is a statement of current pharmaceutical services provided in the local area. It assesses whether provision is satisfactory to meet the health, wellbeing and care needs of the local population, informs … Continue reading “Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment 2022 – 2025”


Derbyshire Economic Review – July 2022

The Derbyshire Economic Review – July 2022 document gives a brief overview of the latest statistics and news on the Derbyshire economy both in a national and local context.  


Census 2021 – First Release

  The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has published the first results from the 2021 Census. Today’s results provide headline demographic information including population by gender, five-year age band and household estimates at local authority level and above. On census day Derbyshire’s population was 794,600, an increase of 3.2% since the last census in 2011 … Continue reading “Census 2021 – First Release”


Productivity 2019 – Infographic

The latest infographic on Productivity in Derbyshire shows that the county contributes £16.5bn to the UK economy and that productivity in Derbyshire has improved over the last five years.


Population estimates infographic 2020

The infographic – Derbyshire’s population – 2020 “What we know about Derbyshire’s population 2020” – is now available to view.


Derbyshire’s Households infographic

The latest infographic on Derbyshire’s Households 2020 is now available to view and shows that in 2018 there were 350,234 households in Derbyshire.


Business Survival

The latest Business Survival data – for businesses established in 2018- is available to view on the Derbyshire Observatory


Population Projections infographic

The latest infographic on the Population Projections – ONS 2018 based is available to view in the Population and Households section.

Quick Facts

Population: 796,847 (ONS 2021)
Area: 255,100 Hectares
House Price: £236,232 (Land Registry November 2022)
Local Businesses: 29,760 (IDBR 2020)
Employee Jobs: 293,000 (BRES 2019)
Weekly Earnings: £587 (ASHE 2021)
Unemployment: 2.7% (ONS August 2023)

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