Accessibility is about making our online information available to as many people as possible, whatever their needs.

Our approach to accessibility

We aim for our website to meet the World Wide Web Consortium Accessibility Guidelines (version two) “Double-A” standard.
This is currently the recommended minimum standard for council websites.

Our site has been designed with this in mind and we ask all contributors to our website to follow guidelines in order to try to make content as accessible as possible.


We are aware that some areas of our website don’t meet the standard of accessibility we aim for generally.
These are usually the applications accessed from our web pages and we are working with suppliers to try and improve the accessibility standard in these areas.

If you have difficulty accessing any area of our website please let us know.

Testing and improvements

We monitor our website and make improvements wherever possible. This includes carrying out a mixture of automatic and manual tests.
We carry out testing with real website visitors when possible.
This includes people across a range of ages and with different needs. If you would like to be considered as a tester in the future please email

Information on other websites

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