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Economy and EmploymentEconomic evidenceDerbyshire Quarterly Economic Review - September 20182018
Economy and EmploymentSpreadsheetDerbyshire unemployment spreadsheet - October 20182018
InfographicsMonthly unemployment infographic - October 20182018
InfographicsUnderstanding Derbyshire geographies2018
InfographicsBenefit Statistics for Derbyshire2018
InfographicsBusiness Size and Sector 20172018
InfographicsEmployment 20162018
InfographicsManufacturing 20162018
InfographicsEarnings 20172018
InfographicsBusiness Demography 20162018
InfographicsApprenticeships in Derbyshire - 2016/172018
InfographicsImpact of Welfare Reform2018
InfographicsAdult Skills Levels 20162018
Children and EducationReportChildren and Young People with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities in Derbyshire - November 2017 2018
Economy and EmploymentEconomic evidenceDerbyshire LEA 20182018
InfographicsHow is Derbyshire's population projected to change over the next 25 years? (2016)2018
InfographicsWhat do we know about Derbyshire's population in 2017?2018
Population and HouseholdsSpreadsheet2017 Mid-Year Population Estimates spreadsheet2018
InfographicsWhat do we know about life expectancy in Derbyshire in 2016?2018
DeprivationSpreadsheetIndex of Multiple Deprivation (2015) - Spreadsheet2018
InfographicsProductivity 20152017
InfographicsWhat is Customer Segmentation2017
InfographicsDerbyshire Equalities Profile 20172017
InfographicsDerbyshire Citizens' Panel Results - February 20172017
InfographicsDerbyshire Citizens' Panel February 2016 - Feedback2017
InfographicsWhat do we know about Derbyshire households 2015?2017
InfographicsWhat we know about deprivation in Derbyshire in 2015?2017
InfographicsHow has deprivation in Derbyshire changed between 2010 and 20152017
InfographicsDerbyshire Citizens' Panel Results - February 20162016
Economy and EmploymentReportAnalysis of Commuter Patterns in Derbyshire 2011 2016
Economy and EmploymentSpreadsheet2011 Census Travel-To-Work-Flows 2016
DeprivationReportIndices of Deprivation (2015) - Report2015
DeprivationMapMap: 2015 IMD for Derbyshire2015
DeprivationMapMap: 2015 IMD for Amber Valley2015
DeprivationMapMap: 2015 IMD for Bolsover2015
DeprivationMapMap: 2015 IMD for Chesterfield2015
DeprivationMapMap: 2015 IMD for Derbyshire Dales2015
DeprivationMapMap: 2015 IMD for Erewash2015
DeprivationMapMap: 2015 IMD for High Peak2015
DeprivationMapMap: 2015 IMD for North East Derbyshire2015
DeprivationMapMap: 2015 IMD for South Derbyshire2015
DeprivationReportDerbyshire's Anti-Poverty Strategy 2014-20172014
CensusGlossary2011 Census Glossary of Terms2014
CensusMap2001 Census Atlas2014
CensusMap2011 Census Atlas2014
CensusBriefing note2011 Census Briefing Note - Population2013