Joint Strategic Needs Assessment

The Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) looks at the health and social care needs of Derbyshire’s Residents and points out areas of inequality. It helps public bodies decide what type of local services to commission. It brings together information from different sources.

Every year we publish a State of Derbyshire Report. This detailed report provides a snapshot of the current health and wellbeing of Derbyshire’s residents. We think this is an essential report because it:

    • Gives an overview of the health of people living in Derbyshire
    • Compares Derbyshire to England
    • Is updated every year
    • Helps to highlight inequalities
    • Can be used to inform services
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Do you work in a certain area or have a specific interest?

From the JSNA, we have created a range of bitesize reports that focus on specific areas. These reports are designed to give you the latest information in short reports. Just click the images below to take a closer look.

Link to reports on healthy lifestyles
Healthy Lifestyles
Link to reports on physical health
Physical Health
Link to reports on mental and emotional wellbeing
Mental and Emotional Wellbeing
Link to reports on life expectancy
Life Expectancy
Link to reports on financial inclusion, housing and access to food
Financial Inclusion, Housing and Access to Food
Link to reports on education, employment and social wellbeing
Education, Employment and Social Wellbeing
Link to reports on Ageing population
Ageing Population
Wider Impact of COVID-19


To find put more on specific heath topics please explore the Health and Wellbeing section.


Health Needs Assessments