Climate change is a key priority for the county council and whilst the level of Carbon emissions in metric tonnes per capita has fallen since 2010, the figure in 2014 remained higher than England. Across the county, there are significant areas of land and a large number of properties at risk of flooding. Approximately 8.6% of properties in Derbyshire are at risk from fluvial flooding (from rivers or other watercourses) and 4.7% from pluvial flooding (surface water flooding arising when the ground or storm drains can no longer absorb rainfall). The amount of unrecycled household waste has declined by 27.7% in Derbyshire in recent years and many residents continue to do their bit to support the recycling agenda. However, the latest statistics show that there remains 545.9 kilograms of un-recycled waste per household and this is higher than the amount per household for both the East Midlands and England as a whole.

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