Barlborough & Clowne

Barlborough and Clowne division forms part of the north west of Bolsover. It comprises the parishes of Barlborough, Clowne and the settlement of Stanfree, which is part of Old Bolsover parish. Barlborough and Clowne are urban whilst Stanfree is semi-rural. To view the Councillors information pageĀ click here

This page contains links to key information and statistics for this Electoral Division. The links to the maps and profiles are specific to this division, but some of the links such as to the Quilt are to generic information.

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Electoral Division Maps

Electoral Division map
LSOA map
Customer Segmentation map
IMD map

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Area Profile, Quilt & Unemployment

Area profile
Derbyshire Quilt

Census profiles

Census Summary profile
Census Economic profile
Census Equalities profile
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Census Housing profile